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Weekly Auctions
Our weekly Thursday night sale has evolved over the years to become a major event.  Two auctioneers work simultaneously to sell thousands of items in an auction that continues for 7 hours or more.  "You never know what you'll find" is the constant theme among our faithful attendees.  Each new visitor is amazed at the amount and variety of items ranging from useful household staples to high end collectibles and antiques.  

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Online Auctions

"Live/Online" auctions allow us to expand the audience beyond the live crowd and into the international world of bidders.  These auctions combine the excitement of a live bidding crowd with online bidders.

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Pick Up Service

Liberty Auction offers a full pickup service for all saleable items.  We have experienced movers and haulers to conduct the quick and safe transfer of your items to our auction facility.  Just call and schedule an appointment for pick up and let us handle the rest.  Our crew will do all of the work for you.


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Advantages of Choosing an Auction
Auctions create the best return in the shortest amount of time.  If you are settling an estate, relocating or closing a business, an auction is just what you need to make the process go smoothly and achieve your greatest sales results.  Competitive bidding is the best way to establish immediate value and convert your assets to cash.

Advantages of Choosing Liberty Auction

Liberty Auction has established an excellent reputation over 35 years in business by treating its customers with the utmost care and providing excellent customer service.  We offer fair commissions, complete clean out and removal of items and expedient payments.  We realize that there are many circumstances which may lead you to need the services of an auction company.  Our professionals will work with your specific needs and offer advise for your best course of action.  We will help you get the best results in selling all of your items.  You will not be saddled with leftovers that did not sell.  Everything sells!


Liberty Auction will meet with you and help you decide the best course of action for liquidating your merchandise.  We can determine if your items will sell better at our weekly auction, on-site at your facility, through online bidding or at a special date auction.  The quality and quantity of your merchandise will factor in the decision to determine the best method(s) to conduct your sale.