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How do your online auctions work?

Our online auction service is designed to simplify the process of consigning and selling your items. Whether you have an estate, business inventory or simply a collection of items, we work for you to make your sale a success. We will come to your location to photograph and describe your items for our online auction. If you wish, you may set up a preview time to allow perspective bidders the opportunity to walk through and physically inspect the merchandise before the auction begins. We will conduct the online auction through Proxibid, collect the funds from buyers and make expeditious payments to our consignors. You may also elect to have your items brought to our facility or you may elect to drop off the items for sale. We will handle the preview at our site.

Is an online auction the right choice for me?

We believe that on online auction can be the best choice. These days, people are growing more and more accustomed to shopping from home. No traffic, no hassles, no worry about gas prices, etc. Furthermore, while a live auction can be great, you as a seller are limited to a one time event presented to whatever group of people happens to be present on that given day. As an auctioneer, I know how much one bidder’s absence can mean to a successful sale. Usually, there are a couple of bidders that will bid heavily on specific items that interest them. If one of those bidders, for whatever reason, cannot attend the auction, the sale will be affected. Items will sell for less. With online bidding, that is not an issue. Bidders have 9 days to place their bids. Those bids come at their leisure and from their own home. Bidders can place their maximum bids at any time. We believe this will increase the potential to have a great sale.

Do I need a large estate to sell at auction?

No, we can combine multiple estates. That allows us to accept smaller consignments for sale. For these smaller estates, we prefer to have them dropped off or either picked up. We cannot do smaller consignments on-site.

Why should I use BetterThanThatAuctions.com to sell my items?

At Better Than That!, we got our start by selling on online auctions. We have over 10 years experience in the online auction process. We know how to gain the most from the online auction experience. We write clear, concise and accurate descriptions, take quality photos, offer previews to view merchandise and market our auctions in the manner appropriate for each sale. In many cases, we offer packaging and shipping service. We are a family business that operates with pride and professionalism. We are accessible and attentive to our customers’ needs. We will always do our best for you.

How and when do I get paid?

Once the auction is over, we will issue a consignment check within 72 hours of the closing of the sale.