Savannah Area PRoperty Auctions

It just needs to be over. It was great, until it wasn’t anymore. Liberty Auction can help you both move on with your lives. Rather than sort through, trying to evaluate, throw away, fight and/or fret over, then lift, load, and transport a relationship’s worth of possessions, you might ask: “How do I get rid of my ex wife’s or ex-husband’s stuff?”

Liberty Auction can basically do it all for you, objectively, professionally, and courteously. When divesting marital property, an auction by Liberty Auction can be just what you need to make the process go smoothly and achieve your best results. Aside from letting our team of experienced movers and haulers conduct the quick and safe transfer of your items, competitive bidding is the best way to establish immediate value and convert the assets to cash. Just call and schedule an appointment for pick up and let us handle the rest. Our crew will do all of the work for you. Our professionals will work with your specific needs and offer advise for your best course of action. We will help you get the best results in selling all of your items, and you will not be saddled with leftovers that did not sell: Everything sells! We have auctions every Thursday, and offer expedient payment after the sale – in one check, or two.

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